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booking an appointment

We currently do both in-person and phone visits based on the nature of the visit and patient preference.  Our front desk staff will help to decide which type of visit is most appropriate.  Currently, online scheduling is only offered for phone visits.  Please contact our front desk staff by calling the office at 416-497-0880 during business hours.

We make a concerted effort to be available to our patients and to run on time. To assist with this, we ask that you please arrive on time to your appointments. If you are running late, please notify us.  If you arrive late, we will do our best to accommodate you, but it may not always be possible, and you may be asked to reschedule.


Our front desk staff will ask you at the time of booking what the reason for the appointment is.  This allows an appropriate allocation of time to address your medical concerns.  It is very helpful if our staff knows, for example, that the visit is for Diabetes, blood pressure medication renewal, pre-operative visit, Periodic health exam or Well Child visit, so it can be booked properly and things can run in a timely and efficient manner.

Please be realistic about what we can accomplish in one office visit, as we always want to address your concerns properly. We may not always be able to address multiple issues in one appointment.

If an urgent appointment is required, please contact the office early in the day, as we reserve spots every day for urgent issues. If your own doctor is not available, you may be offered an appointment with one of our Family Medicine Residents, our Nurse Practitioner, or another physician. You can also use our After Hours Clinic. We encourage you to do so, instead of walk-in clinics whenever possible, as our group provides high quality care with access to your medical files. Your doctor will be informed every time you see another doctor in our after hours group and will be able to provide follow up care.

Please bring your health card with you to each visit, and ensure your health card is up to date. If your health card is expired, you will be required to pay for your appointment.

If it is necessary to cancel your appointment, we request 24 hours notice. You may be charged for missed appointments or last minute cancellations.

We recognize the trust you have put in us, and the responsibility we have in providing high quality medical care. We ask in return that you respect our office by abiding by our policies and always treating all staff members with respect. Inappropriate behavior in the office will not be tolerated.

Office Policy
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