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Office Update
July 10, 2020



Dear Patients and Families,

We would like to start by thanking all of you for your support during the Covid-19
Pandemic. We all play a vital role in keeping our patients, office staff, nurses and
physicians safe and healthy. We continue to follow Public Health, the Ministry of Health
and the Ontario Medical Associations recommendations with respect to caring for our
patients. We will continue to practice virtual care whenever possible and will see
patients in office as needed if a physical examination is required. Please call the office
for urgent concerns and for appointment requests.
Please note that we are
continuing to hold off on online booking at this time but your physicians are available
for appointments. Email can be used for non-urgent matters. We kindly ask that you do
not email us with detailed personal information. Please do not come to the office
without an appointment or prior approval from the office staff or physicians.

We would like to remind all our patients that emergencies are still happening
during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please do not delay care and go to an ER or call
911 right away should an emergency arise.

Cancer screening is beginning to restart gradually. We have already started to do Pap
smears for those who need follow up of abnormal tests and for those people whose
Pap smears are due or overdue (it has been 3 or more years). Please call our office to
book an appointment if you fall into this category. Most imaging labs are now booking
screening and follow up mammograms. Please call your local lab to arrange your
mammogram if you are due. Colon Cancer screening with Fecal Immunochemical
Testing (FIT) has not yet restarted in Ontario but will hopefully be up and running

Immunizations and injections continue to be done in the office. Please do not defer
childhood vaccinations.

Bone Mineral Density testing has also restarted in many imaging labs. Please call
your local lab for this as well if you are due.

We do want to follow up on your chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and
hypertension if you are overdue for a follow up or have readings that are not well
controlled. Please call the office and we will be happy to review these conditions with
you virtually and if deemed necessary by your physician, personally in the office.


Please see link below for information from Choosing Wisely Canada on when adults
should check-in with their physicians.

Office Procedures:

Please DO NOT come to the office if you have any symptoms on the COVID-19
screening list unless discussed with your doctor or nurse first.

COVID-19 Self-Assessment:

Your COVID-19 swab results can be found online at:

Please come to the office for your appointment wearing a mask. There should be only
one parent or one person accompanying a patient if they are in need of assistance. You
will be screened by phone prior to coming to the office and once again when you get to
the office.

Stay safe and healthy.

Drs. Gelman, Manis, Merbaum, Small and Sonshine



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